I am interested in the structural logic and material processes that transform matter into objects with specific functions, meanings and values.  My work explores commercial manufacturing practices while reimagining common forms of production, distribution and display that preside over consumer goods and art objects alike.  I am interested in moulds, packaging and walls as physical and conceptual formats.  These structures result form complex social, economical and political systems that shape societies and deploy producing and consuming behaviors that do away with difference by generating a likeness that acts upon all aspects of our lives.

My current works take the form of provisional moulds that cast dissimilar shapes, peripatetic packages for artifacts of no use, and porous walls that create meeting points and passages instead of separations and limits. These objects are set up to produce slippages and overflows of matter and meaning through the processes that shape them while exploring the grammar of color, form and texture.

The objects that I make are inanimate bodies through which I explore the circumstances of the world that I live in.  The logic of their making takes cues from commercial systems of manufacturing to make tangible my concerns around issues of standardization in relation to things, bodies and desires.  These objects are noncompliant forms that question and disrupt the systems to which they belong by proposing undetermined uses and flexible meanings.

January 2016
Brooklyn, NY